Tee It Up And Pull The Trigger
The Trigger Grip is the latest Patented design in Training devices that will help you Correct your Hook or Slice off the tee Without ever having to Change your Swing.
How The Trigger Grip Works
The Trigger Grip is designed to correct your hook or slice , from your Tee Shot, off the tee, while allowing you to maintain your, personal swing (The swing that you learned how to play the game of golf with). Therefore, you can be consistent with every swing. Now as being a long time player of golf myself, I realized that at ball address with my alignment, square to the ball, to the target, is no longer square at ball impact. Therefore the ball will not go straight to the target intended at ball impact. Now you have another option, without changing your personal swing at all. The Trigger Grip can be Rotated a few degrees one way or the other to open or close the club face at ball address to compensate for  club head  position being out of square at ball impact. Now your hook or slice will be corrected at ball impact from this compensation at ball address. Keep in mind that it is not the swing as much as it is the club face position at ball impact. The Trigger Grip will also make your grip on the club so much stronger, with your fore finger on that trigger, that your club will never want to slip or twist in your hands again. You  might not won't even wear your glove anymore. The feel is so amazing that you will want to use it on evey club in your bag, and you can.
The Trigger Grip has ball and socket type latches that make it quick and easy to put on and take off your club. They attach The Trigger grip sercurly to your club with no damage to your grips what so ever.
The trigger Grip in relation to your hands position
The Trigger Grip will also help Train you to Work the ball from right to left and left to right, when the shot calls for it.
The Trigger Grip
This will be the best investment you will ever make  for your game.
Danny Gray- Owner and  Inventer
Pull The Trigger And Fire At The Pin
The Trigger Grip's Are $20.00 ea.